Young Adults Ministries


Justin Luciano

Meets Every other Tuesday at 6:00pm

What is it?

Waypoint - an intermediate point or place on a route or line of travel, a stopping point. 

A program operating out of West Park Church to aid adults specifically from the ages of 18-30 to better navigate in Christain adulthood and Church Ministries. This program will be their “stopping point” to enable relationship building and a reconnection to church. 


  • Encourage their beliefs through fellowship with the current congregation, but also help them become fully integrated in it.

  • Teach real skills such as interview skills, budgeting skills (Dave Ramsey), leadership skills, healthy dating skills, ETC

  • Mentorship program

  • Missions work

  • Trips

  • Pizza everyone loves pizza

Why is this important:

In current times the church as a whole is at risk of collapse if one generation decides to opt-out of religion. Many individuals from the ages of 18-30 feel as though they are not welcome, not needed, or don't believe in religion anymore. We as christians need to invest into the next generation to ensure the future of our church.